UIUC - Master Thesis (Spring 2005)

William Lee. Intelligent Access To Public Email Conversations [PDF - 1,523KB]

A general framework and implementation of a system that can index, cluster, and visualize conversations within a newsgroup or mailing list.

UIUC - CS498AD (Spring 2005)

Machine Learning Approaches to Information Management Prof. Anhai Doan.

William Lee. Extracting Publication Entries from Homepages [PDF - 254KB]

Evaluates the performance of using HMM and SNoW in the task of extracting publication entries from researchers' personal homepages.

UIUC - CS598DNR (Fall 2005)

Natural Language Processing Prof. Dan Roth.

William Lee, Geoffrey Levine, Xu Ling, Yoonkyong Lee, Benjamin Liebald. A Final Story Comprehension System [PDF - 193KB]

A story comprehension system using a linearly-weighted scoring function that combines TFIDF, question-specific rules, pronoun, name entity, and parse tree similarity in order to improve accuracy and recall.

UIUC - CS490 (Spring 2004)

Independenty Study with Prof. ChengXiang Zhai.

William Lee. Author-Oriented Information Retrieval [PDF - 437KB]

A method on retrieving message from newsgroup or mailing utilizing author information.

UIUC - CS427 (Fall 2003)

CS 427 is a graduate-level software engineering course at University of Illinois taught by Prof. Ralph Johnson.

William Lee. Evolving Software Architecture [PDF - 98KB]

An essay on how software architecture evolves due to changes in requirements, knowledge, and technology

William Lee. Composite Call/Return Strategy [PDF - 133KB]

A pattern that can be used to implement a generalized multiplex strategy for the Composite pattern