Pictured Rocks

2012-09-06 Pictured Rocks

We took a long road trip to the north and visited the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It was really as remote as it can be since the small town (Munising, MI) doesn’t even have a Starbucks… Anyway, nature was there to trump any man-made monument anyway. We took a half-day boat trip and had great fun hiking along the absolutely beautiful shoreline.

Trip to Vancouver and Seattle

2012-07-07 Seattle

Iris has certainly grown a whole lot! We had a fun trip to the West Coast. Congrats to Calvin Yip! We really had a blast at his wedding. Vancouver’s food was, well, incredible. We probably went to the same bakery 3 times in two days. Mt. Rainier was also magnificent. We wish to bring Iris there again someday.

Spending Christmas in California

2011-12-25 Xmas

We are so thankful that we got to spend some time with Will’s family in California this X’mas. The last few days has been both challenging and relaxing. Iris couldn’t really sleep on the plane so it was quite a long trip on our way to Oakland. However, we didn’t really plan to go anywhere so we enjoyed our time with our family very much.

Both Maybn and Prisca has grown so big now! We had a fantastic potluck at Wilson’s place on Saturday. As always, we were so impressed by all the gourmet cooking going on in the Cheung’s family. Iris definitely had a fun time joining Prisca and Maybn at Discovery Kingdom (although she couldn’t really do much). We look forward to the days when Iris can play around with her cousins!

Sophia and Fang-Yi’s Recital

2011-12-12 Recital

After months of preparation, Sophia and Fang-Yi had a wonderful chamber recital on Sunday. It has been a long time coming! After a baby and eight months later, Sophia still got it!

I have to say I was surprised to find that I liked Shostakovich’s Cello Sonata a lot. It has so many intricate parts and the melody was stuck in my mind for quite a while (perhaps I was at the practice sessions too much…;) In any case, we had a good turnout and Sophia’s students certainly enjoyed it a lot.

Iris’ Eighth Month

2011-12-10 Iris

Time has really flied by so quickly! I can’t believe Iris has arrived for 8 months already. She has been getting quite active lately–trying put anything that she can find in her month (fingers, papers, stuff animals, balls, MY fingers, etc…) She also learned how to sit quite well now.

Next stop is for crawling! Well, at least for going backward first…

First Thanksgiving

2011-11-24 Thanksgiving

Murray and Kay were such great hosts! I really think that “Gua Bao” can really make it to any restaurant! We really enjoy the conversation after dinner as well.

As for what we want to be thankful for this year — I don’t think I need to say it out loud. Iris has been such a great gift. As I have been telling my friends, she’s much better than I expected. Yes, our lives have changed significantly. Then there are poops and clothes covered in vomit. However, I can’t really find anything in life as beautiful as our little Iris…;)