Vim is by far the best text editor that I have ever used. I have worked on several plugins for Vim that enable people to do text editing more efficiently.


Quickly open files using autocomplete. See screencast for details.


A plugin to diff and merge two directories. My most popular plugin on (with 2000+ downloads!). Useful for diffing CVS branches or anything that needs merging in general.


Easily insert import statements within a Java file. People has told me they found this quite useful (with 1100+ downloads!). You can also access your JavaDocs and navigate to relevant classes.


Apply Vim commands on a single or multiple directories recursively

Class Projects at UIUC

I am currently a MS graduate student in the Computer Science department. Here are the class projects that I have worked on.


A Java program that allow user to set up their digital photos on multiple computers or tablet PC's. It serves as a class project for CS397BPB with Prof. Brian Bailey